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Presented to the public at the end of 1986 at the Bologna Motorshow as a concept car, "ECV1", although having the correct mechancial components, was an untested mock-up. It was revealed to demonstrate the outstanding innovation of the Abarth team, at that time the world leader in Rally cars.
The basic vehicle shape, and mechanical layout were identified correctly as an evolution of the Delta S4 EVO2, with many carry-over mechanical parts and the Triflux engine, but the vehicle featured an updated aerodynamic package developed by Chief Aerodynamicist, Sergio Beccio, and its agressive "brutal" look finished in the new Bold Red "Lancia-Martini" sponsorship colours has made it an icon, almost "Holy Grail"for Rally-Car lovers all over the world with a fanatic following which remains even 24 years after it's first public appearance.
The chassis of this vehicle was revolutionary, for a vehicle of its size, in that the central section was completely in Carbon-Fibre and Honeycomb Composite used for the load bearing structure and chassis.
At the time, Fiat were interested in developing Carbon-Fibre, for their Ferrari F1 racing programme, and also for their GT sports cars (F40 and F50) and several companies were approached to find the suitable construction partner. The final chosen partner was IdC (run by Bizzarrini Jr.).
The ECV1 also had wheel rims from carbon fabric, The supplier SPEEDLINE (8x16") manufactured a set of wheels weighing only 6kg !. There was also a composite propshaft. An overall weight of 930kg was achieved for the ECV1.
In 1988, Fiat Auto-Abarth stripped the show-car ECV1 Carbon-Fibre chassis, and re-covered it with a new rounder external styling, by Carlo Gaino and renamed it ECV2.The engine remained the Triflux 1759cc with two turbochargers. The intercoolers adopted water cooling and the engine management system was updated with improved turbo-control. Kerb weight was 910kg. The ECV2 show-car was finished in pearlescent white with a hint of Martini sponsorship. The definitive cancellation of the Group B regulations made future vehicle development unnecessary, and the ECV2 mock-up still remains Fiat Property in Torino. Close inspection shows that it is an incredible concept, but not really roadworthy.
Both the ECV1 & ECV2 succeeded in becoming the iconic "Curtain-Call" for the Group B Rally-era, and showed what might have been, if this formula had continued.
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