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On 2003 Giuseppe Volta, mechanic and tuner of the most important FIAT and LANCIA rally cars, with his high expertness and passion established in Turin the HISTORIC LANCIA RALLY club, or more simply the HLR. His amazing and brilliant idea was to race again with important rally cars like Fulvia, Stratos, 037and Delta, together winners of 11 world rally championship, in order to show all over the world that “the Lancia mith is eternal”. He’ll be able to do so with great commitment, authority and professionalism, even managing to realize the great but unfinished Abarth LANCIA ECV1 masterpiece. On 2017 3rd April his dream and life will broke tragically, leaving a gaping hole in rally sport. Therefore is important, honouring his memories, remember the Lancia successes through picture, video clips of the past and the present, sharing them in this social space with all his fans. “Lancia’s mith will never die”. These are his important words and we’ll never forget them!

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