From an idea of Giuseppe Volta, eclectic and well-known rally cars tuner, shared by some enthusiastic ex-drivers and collectors, with the official authorization of the "LANCIA CLUB", international registered Club, HRL is born in Turin and is devoted to the historical Lancia rally cars.
"H.L.R", acronym of Historic Lancia Rally, is a non-profit association, that wants to collect the Lancia rally cars that were the protagonist of the rally scenes, collecting victories and awarding 11 World Championships.
www.historiclanciarally.it The rally cars that contributed to reach this bright and incomparable palma-res are the Lancia Fulvia, Stratos, Rally 037 and Delta.
H.L.R. purpose is to maintain in life the spirit that inflamed the rallies gold epoch and it proposes to become a point of reference for the owners of these splendid cars; we don't want that the cars that so much have won stay closed in the garages! Let's go out and proudly race the Italian roads and circuits! "H.L.R" has the objective to share with the real impassioned the technical information, the special details, the useful addresses to find, restore, preserve and maintain in good conditions the cars that so much we loved.
"H.L.R", to make really special this new club, besides the spectacular cars, has found who, with ability, courage, passion, has known how to victoriously drive them. We are speaking about myths, about unforgettable and big champions that the whole Rally World envies us. So, with great pride of "H.L.R", Sandro Munari, Markku Alen and Miki Biasion, requested as testimonials, have enthusiastically accepted. It won't certainly be infrequent to have them with us at the "H.L.R" events. It will surely be a pleasure to listen from them directly the stories of fantastic races, of pleasant and amusing anecdotes, of unpublished indiscretions. We can return with them to the gold years of the rally epoch, and to share with them the common passion for the engines.
If Munari, Alen and Biasion won prestigious World Championships, the name LANCIA in the rallies has also become great in the World thanks to well-known and less well-known drivers, official and private ones, that raced with the Fulvia, with the Stratos, with the 037 and with the Delta; purpose of "H.L.R" is to meet who in that wonderful years, as a professional, as a amateur or simply as an impassioned, shared the passion of the LANCIA in the rallies.
"H.L.R" will organize races more or less competitive, to give the possibility to the owners of these cars to meet themselves and to participate to these events, with fun like some years ago; Munari, Alen and Biasion sometimes will belong to our group, participating to the H.L.R. exhibitions with cars of the " Museum Lancia" or of our members.

Lancia Fulvia HF
Lancia Stratos
Lancia Stratos
Lancia Stratos
Lancia Rally 037
Lancia Delta HF 4WD
Lancia Delta Integrale 8V.
Lancia Delta Integrale 16V.
Lancia Delta Integrale 16V.
Lancia Delta Integrale EVO.
Lancia Delta Integrale EVO.

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